Crazy Dentist at Large

Frankly at funerals I have the personality of an old toaster. You push down the lever, I get warm and pop up what you want then just sit there motionless until you return (push down the lever again). A few days or weeks later tears roll down my face for no apparent reason.

Delayed or expected transitioning of family, friends and acquaintances is a solemn and subdued appointment of respect. Emotionally much to do about nothing and consciously unavailable in spirit.

It’s like someone gave a crazy dentist access to my brain and he numbed bits and pieces of it.


Giving Away is Never Wasteful for Billionaires

Investing can be risky business. Not so much for billionaires.

Warren Buffett’s philanthropic interests, “The Giving Pledge”. A group of billionaires who pledge to donate most of their fortunes to philanthropic causes.

Intriguing enough, but most of the projects under taken are on the other side of the globe.


When you consider that their causes produce a “return on investment” it’s a no brainer for billionaires. Eradicating malaria, polio and other infectious diseases are simple ledger entries.

Charity of course isn’t based upon profitability but philanthropy. But billionaires don’t invest in wasteful causes. They leave that to our politicians?

Its Cool to Make Me Go BOOM!

I like the idea of a society made up of conformists, idealists and rebels. What I don’t like is individuals posing as cool rebels when actually they are entitled brats.

Doing what is right has never been cool it’s always been boring ass right. You Dig!

So I tend to explode when said brats flaunt their entitlement and transgress social norms such as greed, etablished policy, consuming illegal elixirs or maybe just stabbing a football with a fork.

This is not cool, it’s a failure to show some accountability and humility.


Okay, nothing to see here people, move along.

Crosstalk, Chatter and Bullshit

I have little tolerance for crosstalk or mundane chatter. It’s annoying and gives me an instant headache. Even more so when unimportant people are talking at the same time.

Same position, same words and clichés on the same topical issues that are irrelevant to my overall well-being. If not for an extensive media platform (selfies) in America, I would surely think they are Parrots mimicking humans.

Frankly there are more experts and their solutions than actual problems in my beloved country. So much so I watch $ Billions being spent to hold me hostage and subjected to their never-ending deceit and bullshit.