This weblog is a journal depicting the exploits of an inexperienced and naive dog owner and a maladjusted adopted rescue pet dog.

On the morning after adopting Oscar I decided that I should keep a journal of our lives together. If for no other reason than having information recorded in real time to reflect and make adjustments to Oscar’s care and overall welfare as time goes on.

I’m a retired, involuntarily I might add, single man with a penchant for identifying problems, analyzing sound practices to correct them and then executing a well thought out plan.

Adopting a small rescue dog may turn out to be my greatest challenge over the last 30 years!

Frankly, most of my life I’ve lived with cats as a pet companion. I’ve also raised a few talking parrots, both enjoyable pets to live with, but when I relocated to Las Vegas it was not prudent to subject a happy pet to an unpredictable cross country relocation. Both my parrot, Riddler and cat, Double “O” were successfully adopted by friends and family who knew the pets well.

My instincts were correct it took close to a year to find and purchase a home here in Las Vegas.

Now to the important information, I have very little experience with the care and training of a dog. My only experience has been “doggie sitting” pets of my friends and family over the years.  And I also suffer from mental health issues stemming from childhood experiences and my days proudly serving in the U.S. Army (combat veteran).

Enough about me, let’s get to Oscar.

Oscar is a designer dog, he is a Black and Tan, Chihuahua and Dachshund mix breed, known to dog lovers as a Chiweenie. He is approximately 2 years old and at the time of this post is 12 pounds. He’s short, long, kinda stocky and comical when he’s in the mood.

However, Oscar has some mental health issues also and I’m not gonna go into the blame game but he’s been mistreated whether intentionally or not. His adoption papers throughout repeatedly documented his fearfullness of others to include animals and submissive urinating upon physical contact and or fear of something in his environment. Yikes!

Sadly, He’s one scared Doggie!

I have been informed that both Chihuahua and Dachshund breeds are difficult to train and stubborn. Oscar shortly into our introduction at Petsmart clearly let it be known he’s a bit stubborn. After verbally committing to his foster mom (outside) that I was willing to adopt Oscar, he refused to move when his foster mother tried to bring him inside (leash) Petsmart for me to fill out the formal paperwork for adoption. She had to drag him along and pick him up to get to the adoption area.

And yes, for the 3rd time that day, Oscar pee-peed down the front of this nice lady’s clothing!

Now that you have some good information about Oscar and myself, do me a favor and close your eyes and just imagine what the future has in store for the both of us.

There is a clue on the Home Page of this weblog; it reads as follows:

“It’s a drama with a little fiction similar to reality shows on the Bravo TV channel. Except there are no references to sex, drugs and alcohol, wild parties, underwear malfunctions and or plastic surgery. Well at least not yet …”

Feel free to visit, Our Profiles , it’s information relevant to how we will be portrayed in Our Story category posts.

In closing, we sincerely hope for a repeat visit from you to check on our progress and such, surely as welcomed company.

From both of us, sincerely,

Oscar and Marcelino


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. First off thanks you for your service! Second you’re kidding right, you have no experience with dogs and you adopt a rescue? Oh, this is going to get crazy! Lmao

    p.s. – the Fire Hydrant picture is a comical introduction 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope. No experience directly caring for a dog. I’m confident that things over time will fall into place. If not, I’ll just check myself in at the VA Psych Ward. 🤓 Thanks for stopping by it appears your my first visit/commenter, so thank you!

      p.s. – Oscar has pee-peed everywhere except the fire hydrant,


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